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Providing Small Animal Veterinary Relief Services for Montana and Wisconsin

About Me

From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a Veterinarian. In 2007, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine. For the next six years I was an associate Veterinarian at two separate veterinary hospitals in the Southeast part of Wisconsin. In Franklin, WI, I helped a very young practice grow considerably.

I knew going into the Veterinary profession that I wanted to own my own practice someday. So, in 2013 I purchased a practice in Northern Wisconsin. Practice ownership, as a solo veterinarian, not only helped me gain additional medical and surgical skills, but also taught me the business side of the profession. I'm proud to say that I transformed a declining clinic into a busy, thriving clinic with a great reputation!

After almost eight years of practice ownership, it was time to turn my focus back to balancing work and family. We moved to Kalispell, MT, and I am excited to now provide Veterinary Relief services in Northwest Montana and in Western WI. I know just how hard it can be to find a Veterinarian who is kind and competent to assist in times where you just need a vacation, continued education, maternity leave, or other short or extended term reasons.

Professional Skills

As A Veterinarian
I am able to multitask extremely well, and have often seen multiple patients simultaneously. At the same time, I always try to provide enough time with each patient to address the owner's concerns and form a diagnostic or treatment plan that suits the owner's desires and financial abilities.
While I prefer to work with vet techs and assistants to delegate appropriate diagnostics, I am comfortable working on my own to complete diagnostics when staffing is short.While all pet owners may not have a lot of medical knowlege, I believe they all want to understand what is happening with their pets. I enjoy showing and explaining xrays to pet owners if able, and also being the one to call with bloodwork results to discuss and answer questions that pet owners may have.

As A Former Practice Owner
I understand that the success of the business is dependent on many individual factors. Not only does the Veterinarian need to be competent and compassionate, but the team needs to work well together. I am known for being an outwardly thankful doctor and recognize my staff is there to help me out, through routine or emergency procedures. I value open communication, like to teach and train, but also accept constructive criticism well.


I enjoy surgery! Here are some that I am proficient in:
Declaw: Laser only, front only
Mass Removals
Dental cleaning and extractions
Laceration repair
Gastric/Intestinal Foreign body
Tail/Digit Amputation - Adults only
Ear hematoma repair
Bladder stone removal
Limb Amputation - If referral declined

Having hired Relief Veterinarians at my own practice, I understand that the hospital staff and also pet owners may be apprehensive about a different doctor performing surgery in the clinic.I have a VERY high success rate in surgery with very FEW minor complications. I am not a fast surgeon, rather a careful surgeon.I prefer to be the person to call pet owners after the procedure to discuss the surgery and answer any questions that owners may have.

My Cat: Montana

What past clients have said about me

"Every time I go in, I have the best experience. Dr. Bissen talks to my dogs like they are her own. When she does anything, such as a physical exam, she explains to you exactly what she is doing and what she's looking for. She lets you know what symptoms to look out for at home and she is super knowledgeable. Whenever my dogs go in, they are nervous at first but Dr. Bissen and the staff make them feel comfortable and by the end of the visit they are wagging their tails. I have been elsewhere and since I came to Niagara Animal Hospital I would never bring my pets anywhere else." ----Katie L.

"If you are looking for the best Vet and staff, you've come to the right place. Dr. Bissen and each person on her staff will welcome you and your pets with warmth and kindness from the time you enter the clinic until the time you leave. We've had many pets in our lifetime and would choose Dr. Bissen and her staff over any other clinic. Dr. Bissen is as smart as she is kind. She will take time to explain what is going on with our pet so that you can make the most educated treatment choice." ----Brenda D.

"Dr. Bissen is wonderful! She takes her time to talk with me (about my dog) and is very thorough with her exams. She and the staff are wonderful to work with. Very caring and spot on. My dog is 14 years old and she's helped us maintain an excellent quality of life for him." -----Ann K.

"Dr. Bissen is the best! Just wanted to share my personal experience a while back when my Romeo had injured his shoulder. Dr. Bissen took him for an Xray and when it was finished she had me come back to view it and explain everything she saw. She did an awesome job explaining things of course, but what left an impression was the way Romeo was relaxed in her arms. Even when he saw me he stayed totally relaxed, he didn't react like, 'oh good mommy is back' he just stayed relaxed and content with her holding him. She made him feel safe and unafraid. Dr. Bissen you rock!!!" -----Vicki M.

"A VERY special 'Thank You' for Dr. Heather Bissen and the Staff at Niagara Animal Hospital for the excellent care they gave Harry during his lifetime. During Harry's final moments they were extremely compassionate and caring, and it is a kindness that will never be forgotten.' ----Jerry B.

"I can't express enough how thankful I am that you were able to work us in even though we had not been seen at your clinic. I really appreciated Dr. Bissen took her time to listen to my concerns, and her kindness and professional advice/treatment for my fur baby." ----Kelly K.

"Dr. Bissen is the kindest, most caring vet we have ever taken our fur babies to. She takes the extra time to explain and makes sure we understand. Never had a vet that actually showed us the x-rays she took of our pet. She is the best in our book!" -----Susie D.

"I want to thank Niagara Animal Hospital for the special care they gave our beloved Tasha. I wanna give an even bigger Thank You to Dr. Bissen. I've been to my share of vets and I can say that I have never met a more caring Dr. anywhere. She had such a depth of compassion for our Tasha and for us. We greatly appreciate the mold she made of Tasha's paw print. We will treasure it for always." ----Missa Y.

"Dr. Bissen and her staff are amazing. Down to earth, they go out of their way for our pets. Our dogs love them. I will not go any where else! Heather is an amazing veterinarian! She explains everything and gives you options." ---Sabrina B.

"I accompanied my dad to this vet and they are outstanding. I live out of the area and use a large commercial veterinarian, and this is much different than that. Dr. Heather is patient, kind, thoughtful, and accommodating. She got right to the issue of what was wrong with our dog and gave treatment options which were appropriate and provided relief for the dog's medical issues. I am glad their dogs are in good hands." -----Joseph L."Dr. Bissen is very friendly and calm. She is so good with my pets, it's very comforting. Would recommend this veterinarian office to everyone!!!" -----Meaghan L."Today both my animals had an appointment, & I'm always SO impressed with Dr. B & how well she is with my animals. She talks to them & tells them what she is doing. It might be a little gesture but it means so much to me. I feel comfortable & safe having her as our vet & I know she is giving them the best care possible. Thank you, Dr. B & her staff for being amazing!" -----Elizabeth K."Dr. Heather is incredibly caring & compassionate as is the rest of the staff. I know my pets are in fabulous hands when they go in." ---Aleisha P."Dr. Bissen you were truly awesome for comforting us! Thank you for caring for Jake like he was your own. Thank you for making us feel like Jake was your only pet to see all day! It give us comfort during these difficult days without him knowing he was cared for by 'The Best.' Your kindness will never be forgotten." -----Margaret B."We cannot thank you enough for your treatment of our cat, Sock. Though we have been coming to the clinic for decades, this was my first meeting with you and we were so impressed with your gentle manner, your extraordinary efforts to find medication for Sock, and your professionalism. You are truly a credit to this community, its animals and owners. We are instant and forever fans of your important work. Thank you again for all your help. Sock appears to be doing very well in his new regimen and we owe his return to health to your efforts." -----Pauline and Mike W."Dr. Heather is a top-notch veterinarian. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a vet that is thorough and kind." -----Lorie G.

How To Reach Me

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